We are dedicated to providing dogs with the tools and activities they need to lead happy and healthy lives. Canine enrichment is an essential component of a happy and healthy dog’s life. By providing dogs with a variety of stimulating activities, we can help prevent destructive behavior, reduce stress and anxiety, improve physical health, and strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners.

Enrichment     Plans

We will meet with you and your dog and develop a comprehensive enrichment plan to help your dog without being overwhelming for you to implement.

Enrichment Sessions

No time to do enrichment activites with your dog? We can help! 

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Barb King

Meet Barb, she has been an animal lover for all of her life and has owned a variety of cats, dogs, fish, birds and rodents.

Her and her husband got a border collie/lab cross dog in 2010 and it changed their lives tremendously. Toblerone (Tobi) is a very smart and high energy dog who has tested their limits as pet owners.

Tobi’s energy and intellegence have inspired Barb to learn about enrichment and things to do to keep her entertained. Barb also does a variety of dog sports with her (and her ‘brother’ Harvey); including, Nosework, Agility, Dock Diving, Rally-O, Obedience, Tricks and Parkour. 

Barb does not enjoy being in the kitchen, so is always looking for fast, easy ways to provide enrichment to her pets.

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